Friday, June 28, 2013

Make Sharpening Easy

Work Sharp has a pair of outstanding knife sharpeners: a field sharpener and a power sharpener. The field sharpener includes a coarse and fine diamond plate, two ceramic rods, a leather strop, and 20-and 25-degree sharpening guides to keep a consistent sharpening angle for knives and camp tools.

Strong, rare earth magnets secure the interchangeable diamond plates and provide coverage for a broadhead wrench and small storage compartment. It also sharpens serrated knives, fish hooks, broadheads and many common camp tools.

The power sharpener uses a narrow, flexible belt with a guide to hold the knife at the optimum sharpening angle. There are three belts – coarse, medium, and fine – that are easy and fast to change. I was able to turn a dull kitchen knife into a very sharp blade within a couple of minutes using only the medium and fine belts. I sharpened a dozen knives in less than half an hour, without undue wear on the blades from the power belt. The flexible belt matches the shape of the blade, creating a perfect convex edge. There are two guides: one for kitchen knives (20 degrees) and one for outdoor knives (25 degrees). The power sharpener can also be used without the guide to sharpen mower blades and garden tools. For more information visit

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