Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hog Hunting at 4 Amigos

Dan father, Robert Vogt,75,  shot his first hog with a
Browning X-Bolt in .25-06.
Some time ago, Whitetails Unlimited and the Double C Ranch signed an agreement to promote hunts for feral hogs in Texas. Over the years WTU provided the opportunity for almost 4,000 hunters to have a quality hunting experience at the ranch near San Antonio – a result that far exceeded the expectations of both organizations. Well, all good things must come to an end, and Jeff at the Double C has moved on to a new venture, involving the mineral rights under his land. It’s just no longer safe to have hunters in the same area as drillers, and we part as friends.

However, the popularity of the hog hunts is firmly established in the WTU membership, and we’ve been lucky to find a new partner – the 4
Amigos Ranch in South Texas. WTU Missouri Filed Director Dan Vogt recently hunted the 4 Amigos Ranch; this is his first-hand report on the experience.

4 Amigos is a wonderful place for family and friends. At the beginning of October, I made my way down to South Texas with my father, brother-in-law, and a few of my close friends. We had
an absolute blast.

Dan (right) and Robert Vogt shared a great time hunting
a variety of animals in south Texas.
Upon arrival, we were greeted by Daniel and Cameron, two of the four amigos. We sat through a short briefing on the ranch and safety, and then we were off to the shooting range to make sure our trip halfway across the country hadn’t knocked our scopes out of alignment. After we settled into our rooms and knew our guns and bows were correctly sighted in, it was time to get into our luxurious box blinds for the afternoon hunt.

The boxes were strategically placed from 20 to 100 yards away from the feeders, and they can accommodate any hunter’s comfort level. Most were very high quality two-man box blinds, but there were also ground blinds as well as a few pop-up bow hunting blinds. Everything was very comfortable as well as super safe, with the boxes having full stairways with handrails all the way into the stand.

The first evening, my dad and I spent an unforgettable three hours in the Lone Star State. I didn’t know that this was my dad’s first trip to Texas, or that it was also his first time chasing hogs. There are just some things that are a true bonding experience for a father and son, and sitting in a blind watching the bounty of mother nature is one of the best ways I can think of to spend time together. We talked about old times, and just sat together in total silence. It was a very special time. When dad squeezed the trigger on his first wild hog (a beautiful red boar) we just about tore the blind down.

I had never seen him so shook up, in a good way, and I felt like I did when my son shot his first deer. I thank God for giving us that moment in time, and I’m never going to forget it! When we returned from our successful hunts, the guides took great care of the harvest, giving us a chance to get cleaned up for eats. Whether it was breakfast, lunch, or dinner, every meal we were served was outstanding, and we wanted for nothing. From breakfast through dinner, the food and beverages were great. And when the hunting day was over and the guns were put away, the 4 Amigos even had us covered with after-dinner adult beverages.
Dan Vogt took this nice south Texas hog at
4 Amigos just before sunset.

The ranch was spectacular, with a huge common area and a pool table for a warm, homelike feeling. The bedrooms are semiprivate, with an average of four people to a room and a nice bathroom with warm shower in each room.

Overall, I had an outstanding trip to South Texas. The food was good, the stay was very nice, and they have hogs out the wazoo. It was a blast whoopin’ it up with my friends, but having my Dad in camp was super special. We hear and see in magazines and on television shows every day that you should take a child hunting. I am all about the youth and love getting my son in the woods, but let’s not forget
the people that took us into the field when we were young, and got us hooked into the lifelong passion of hunting and fishing.

Thanks Pop for showing me the way!

Hunt safe and hunt often!

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